NOSA smell training

Designed to improve the sense of smell

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NOSA allergy filter

Spring is here, protect yourself from allergic symptoms!

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NOSA odor control

Discreet odor protection for smelly situations

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NOSA microbial control

Reduces the exposure of virus and bacteria

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We strive to make people live their lives to the fullest and enjoy their surroundings, rather than being limited by it.

We made it pleasant to do smell training

Combining smell training and coffee-time with friends? No problem.

With a training time of only 8 weeks, you can improve your sense of smell with scented nose plugs on-the-go.

Train whenever you want, wherever you are.

We made it pleasant to do smell training

Improve your sense of smell with NOSA

CE-marked smell training medical device

Developed with leading olfactory scientist

The product’s purpose is to help individuals to recover their sense of smell, and therefore to increase quality of life. The training program is developed together with one of the world’s leading scientists within smell.

Helps recover your sense of smell

2 months training time

Train when you want, where you want

Interactive app

NOSA kits

NOSA kits


Improve quality of life one breath at a time


Improve quality of life one breathe at a time

FAQ - general questions

Yes! All NOSA products can be used if pregnant.

The age recommendation for NOSA products are from 12 years old.

An opened package is recommended to be used within 2 months. All unopened packages have a shelf life of 2 years, the date is displayed on the packaging. 

You can buy our 7-packs here in our webshop (intended for private customers). There are also various e-pharmacies selling NOSA products in Europe, which can be found by searching for NOSA’s products.

You can order bigger packages of NOSA menthol plugs and NOSA microbial control intended for B2B usage, through any of our distributors. NOSA allergy filter is only available for consumers (7-pack). If you are interested in buying NOSA smell training as a company, feel free to contact us at

All NOSA products are single-use products and are not recommended for reusage. The devices works as intended for up to 8 hours, After finished usage, the product is recycled as plastic.

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