How much do you really know about your nose and smells?

The NOSA-team wants to inform you about one of our amazing organs: The nose. We want to highlight 6 random facts about the nose. People are exposed to several different smells and scents every day – which studies have shown to have an impact on our emotions as well. As smells and odors are something that is usually taken for granted, we thought it could be interesting to learn more about your nose 🙂


1. Did you know that women have a stronger sense of smell compared to men? Early studies show that women are more prone to detect different kinds of odors, this can be explained by women’s increased developed orbital prefrontal area of the brain.

2. Did you know that humans can detect a minimum of one trillion different smells? Even if this is mind-blowing, it is a true fact. Scientists reveal that this is thanks to the 10 million receptors in our nose.

3. Did you know that it’s actually possible to smell feelings? Studies have shown that humans can smell feelings of disgust, fear, and even happiness related to odors and pleasant scents.

4. Did you know that it is easier to identify different smells during spring and summer? This can be explained by the increased humidity in the air during these seasons when everything blossoms and comes to life.

5. Did you know that everyone perceives smells differently? This might not come as a shocker for you, but smells are unique and personal depending on the genes and on the tissue type of your body.

6. Did you know that smells are one of our most memorable senses? There is a 65% chance that you remember a bad smell over a visual expression one year after that experience.

Facts about nose

We hope that you have learned a little more about your nose 🙂 We developed NOSA plugs because we want people to have a better breathing experience, as the nose is such an important organ that affects many things in life.

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