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Did you know that we have a brand ambassadors program? We love our NOSA-users and we have ambassadors from all over the world. At this moment, we have ambassadors in Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, UK, US and Spain. We love that everyone are so passionated about spreading the word of NOSA plugs. Our idea with the program is to embrace the voices of our users so they can tell others about the great change NOSA plugs gives them 🙂


Presenting some of our amazing NOSA-ambassadors…

Michelle is a Swedish nursing student that works on different health care departments from time to time. Her trustful voice introduces NOSA plugs to several nurses and assistant nurses. Follow her on @prinsessanbanan


Almaz is our dear ambassador in the Netherlands, Utrecht. She works as a law enforcement officer and uses NOSA plugs on a daily basis! Oh and one other thing, she got the entire Utrecht-division in law enforcement to use NOSA plugs in their profession. That is quite magnificent! Follow her on @almazelisha


Rebecca is one of our ambassadors that works as a Police in Sweden, Uppsala. She loves NOSA plugs and shares the product with all of her colleagues on a daily basis. They are very thankful for it! Follow her on @beccisbeccus


Did you enjoy reading about our NOSA-ambassadors? Comment below! 🙂

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/The NOSA-team <3