Are you feeling tired, having itchy eyes or a runny nose for the first time during pollen
This does not have to mean you’re allergic.
Even if you don’t have birch allergies, you could be feeling the high pollen levels!

Scientist states that every second year there is very high levels of pollen, and 2021 has
become one of those years. Right now, the air is full off birch pollen and even the ones who
has not developed pollen allergies can experience some difficulties.

But why is this?
Scientists have found that birch pollen release not only the particles that you’re allergic to,
but also particles that is similar to the substances the body has during an inflammation.
Therefore, our bodies can react to the high pollen levels as if we are sick with symptoms like
runny or stuffed nose, headache and tiredness.

Do you recognize these symptoms every second year?
It does not have to mean that you have developed pollen allergies, but that you simply react
to the high pollen levels every second year which release inflammation-like substances.
Just remember that itchy eyes and sneezing could be symptoms of real pollen allergies.

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