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  • Pollen

    High pollen levels increases Covid-19 cases

    A new study shows that high levels of pollen correlate with the number of Covid-19 cases. The more pollen in the air, the more people get sick. This is due to the pollen’s ability to weaken the immune system by impairing the secretion of interferons on the mucous membrane, which works as the body’s first …

  • High pollen levels can affect non allergists

    Are you feeling tired, having itchy eyes or a runny nose for the first time during pollen season? This does not have to mean you’re allergic. Even if you don’t have birch allergies, you could be feeling the high pollen levels! Scientist states that every second year there is very high levels of pollen, and …

  • Cross-allergies are common with birch allergies

    Did you know that half of all the people allergic to birch pollen have cross-allergies? Cross-allergies are common with birch allergies, in fact, birch has shown to be the pollen who is most common to create them. You can recognize the cross-allergies with symptoms like itchy throat and mouth when eating fruits and nuts. Do …

  • NEW NOSA allergy filter

    NOSA allergy filter, a new natural protection for all pollen allergy sufferers. Every day people inhale harmful airborne particles that affects their general condition negatively. People who are allergic often suffers quietly during the year in lack of effective protection. NOSA allergy filter is a new, innovative solution to these problems without any side effects. …

  • NEW NOSA smog filter

    Protect yourself against harmful airborne particles and stay safe with NOSA smog filter! We are so happy to introduce this revolutionary product that protects you against harmful particles like smog, bacteria and smoke. The innovative nose filter efficiently blocks out harmful particles while breathing through the product.

  • Air pollution intensifies the pandemic

    As smog season in Asia begins, the second wave of Covid-19 and the bad air quality could make the situation worse. Breathing polluted air can have a dramatic effect on the immune system and the respiratory tract. Harmful airborne particles also known as PM 2.5 penetrate into the body and affect the epithelial cells in …

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