• FRISQ and Aleris in collaboration to improve maternity care through digitalization of care plans

    FRISQ and Aleris have, together with Aleris-owned BB Stockholm and Ultragyn, entered into a collaboration to implement a digital, interactive care plan that will strengthen the collaboration between expectant parents and their midwife clinic and delivery unit. The ambition of the project is to streamline resource utilization through modernized working methods and to simplify and …

  • FRISQ employs health tech leader and professional as Chief Product Officer

    The potential to improve and facilitate care with better real-time collaboration between care teams and patients is so huge that we sometimes miss seeing how much the small steps mean to achieve this. That's what Karen Ventura says, who now joins FRISQ as Chief Product Officer (CPO). Karen is an experienced healthtech leader, who has, …

  • Analysis of the FRISQ share

    Carlsquare, an independent analysis firm, today has published an evaluation of the FRISQ share. Link to the report: Please note that the report is in Swedish.  For further information: George Thaw, CEO, About FRISQ: FRISQ is a healthtech company based on the conviction that the quality of care plans shouldn’t be dependent on the ability to …

  • Monthly newsletter & Invitation to Capital Markets Day (Webinar)

    The first months of this year have been really significant for FRISQ not just in terms of pilot projects with very encouraging feedback from health professionals as well as somewhat increased revenues, but also the development of our product, it's architecture and refocused go-to-market plans. Meanwhile, our industry is slowly starting to look beyond the …

  • Monthly newsletter March 2021

    A third Covid-19 wave occupies the health care sector as we all long for a spring that will bring us both hope and sunshine. The pandemic affects our industry in so many ways. During the first waves of Covid a few pilots were halted due to the overwhelming burden on the health providers. The new …

  • Monthly newsletter February 2021

    In an industry still overwhelmed by the pandemic and struggling to save lives and health, we at FRISQ are fully occupied scaling and developing the product together with our pilot clients. We stay focused on enabling a more rationally organized, patient-oriented process that is applicable to the entire healthcare sector. Let me share some of …

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