FRISQ and Aleris in collaboration to improve maternity care through digitalization of care plans

FRISQ and Aleris have, together with Aleris-owned BB Stockholm and Ultragyn, entered into a collaboration to implement a digital, interactive care plan that will strengthen the collaboration between expectant parents and their midwife clinic and delivery unit. The ambition of the project is to streamline resource utilization through modernized working methods and to simplify and improve the care journey, for both the pregnant woman and care staff.

Maternity care is facing major challenges and needs to find new ways of working that will enable the pregnant woman to receive the care she needs and expects. Therefore, the Swedish healthtech company FRISQ and Aleris, one of Sweden's largest private care providers, initiate a collaboration to establish a more digitalized and automated care flow, based on the pregnant woman's individual needs. The intention is to ensure that the pregnant woman is well-informed and involved in her care, to increase the quality of the care offered and to relieve the midwife of tasks that the woman can, and often wants, to take responsibility for herself.
“With a systematized and digitalized way of working, we believe that we can create better conditions and increase participation in care for the pregnant woman and, at the same time, ease the work for the midwife. The digital care plan creates a common foundation and ensures that basic programs and regional guidelines are followed in a safe way based on individual needs, which is completely in line with the region's work on standardized care processes. The fact that the care recipient becomes an active co-producer also relieves hard-pressed maternity care”, says Åsa Edberg, CEO of Aleris Ultragyn.
A digital care plan as a common basis
Through the use of the software solution FRISQ Care, a digital care plan is created and shared with the pregnant woman, the midwife and the delivery team. The pregnant woman gets a good overview of her care plan directly in her mobile phone or in any other digital device. She can also receive information and answer questions in a digital and user-friendly way during her care journey. The midwife can be sure that the care plan follows regional guidelines that apply to care during pregnancy. At the same time, the care plan can easily be adapted to individual needs and preferences, for example, if a woman has a high BMI or fear of childbirth. By making the pregnant woman more involved in the process, for example by answering questions digitally before her midwife meeting instead of in the meeting, time is freed up from the midwife.
“We need to rethink the system for how health care is delivered. FRISQ Care enables a completely new way of delivering care that creates value for staff, care providers, care recipients and society. We are convinced that many care recipients can and want to be more involved and active in their care. Maternity care is one area where we believe that a digital care plan as a common foundation can provide a significantly better patient experience, while contributing to a better working environment for midwives, and a care system where resources are used in the best possible way”, says Casper Winsnes, Head of Innovation at FRISQ.
The project is a pilot project that will last for 12 months. The value of the project is SEK 0.2 million.

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