FRISQ August Letter – Meet Our New CEO

While many have been on summer vacation, exciting things have happened at FRISQ. George Thaw – with more than 30 years of experience building fast-growing, international health and tech companies – has been given the CEO reigns on an interim basis. In this month's newsletter, we get to know him a little bit better.

Welcome to FRISQ! How did you end up here?
– I’ve been supporting the FRISQ team as Senior Advisor for a few months. We immediately clicked and when they offered me this position I jumped at the opportunity. It’s not often you get the chance to positively impact people's lives while saving taxpayers’ money and providing healthcare professionals with better tools and insights. Me joining the management team will increase its bandwidth and enable us to deepen and expand our relationship with customers and partners.

What motivates you?
– I stumbled across the healthtech industry about 15 years ago when I was working with health authorities to implement the UK's National Programme for IT. It was staggering to see the shape the infrastructure was in. I also got to experience the malfunctioning system first hand when my mother fell ill and my siblings and I had to navigate a medical maze to support her, speaking to a number of different health experts to get an understanding of what was going on. Since then I’ve dedicated my career to improving medical infrastructure based on the experience gained in building and expanding several healthtech businesses. I’m proud to say that what took my siblings and I five months to accomplish, FRISQ could do in a matter of minutes. When I showcase the product to customers and partners it’s a hallelujah moment. Now I want to spread the gospel.

What changes will your leadership bring?
– I’ve been on this journey many times before and know how to rapidly grow a company, commercialise a product, form strategic alliances and enter new markets. We now have a foundational product and it’s time to accelerate. FRISQ has tremendous potential to grow and revolutionise the healthcare industry not only in Sweden but around the world. 

Will you set new goals?
The company stands by its previously communicated guidance, but Covid-19 and the
difficulty of currently anticipating the duration or scope of the need for the health care sector to
focus on emergency care, could have implications driving a revision of the goals. The pandemic has made it evident that change is needed and that digital tools such as FRISQ – promoting remote collaboration and access – have an important role to play for the future of healthcare. We are currently assessing the changes in the market and are carrying out a strategic analysis of the company to align the go-to-market strategy, the product and the team, in order to realise the full potential of FRISQ.

You are British and share your time between Stockholm and London. What do you think of Sweden?
– There is a great entrepreneurial spirit in Sweden with an almost naive ambition to make the world a better place, which you can’t help but love. After Silicon Valley, the Swedish capital produces the highest number of unicorns per capita in the world. Now I hope that FRISQ will do for the healthcare industry what Spotify did for the music business and Klarna and iZettle did for the world of finance – promote democratisation, accessibility and transparency. 

Where will FRISQ be in five years time?
We’ll be the oil in the machinery of medical infrastructure, enabling better patient engagement and providing world leading insights to academics and healthcare professionals.

Former CEO Martin Irding has, after four years on the post, taken on a new role as Chief Customer and Partner Engagement Officer. This enables him to focus on what he is most passionate about – working with and empowering FRISQ's customers and partners. Under his leadership, FRISQ Care has developed from concept to a functioning product as well as established relationships with Sweden's three largest healthcare regions – Västra Götaland, Stockholm and Skåne.

Read more about George Thaw here.

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