FRISQ signs agreement with Lund University

FRISQ and Lund University have signed an agreement under which the Department of Psychology will use FRISQ Care in its research on mental illness.

Lund University has more than 30 research areas that are considered world leading. The Department of Psychology has now decided to use FRISQ Care to study the treatment of mental illness. FRISQ Care will be used in several studies in functions including maintaining digital contact with study participants, who will be able to fill out forms and receive documents and home tasks via their cell phones.

“We needed a program that would give us the power to collect different types of data from different patients, frequently and from outside the clinic, and with as little burden on the patient as possible. This information will help us to better understand how psychological treatments for anxiety and depression work, and to tailor the treatments to better fit individual patients. After investigating many of the health software options on the market, we chose FRISQ software because of its excellent patient interface, it’s internal search, analysis and graphical reporting functions, and the flexibility that comes with a high level of user control over the software,” says Sean Perrin, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Lund University.

FRISQ CEO Martin Irding is extremely pleased that Lund University has chosen FRISQ Care.

“We have previously seen excellent results – including high levels of patient engagement – from the use of our solution for similar treatments, and we are naturally pleased and proud that a leading university of Lund’s caliber has chosen our service. FRISQ Care can bring healthcare, research and education closer together, and our partnership with Lund University is a good example of this.”

Implementation of FRISQ Care will be initiated within the next few weeks.

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