Survey shows that Swedes request more digitalized health care

[Stockholm, Sweden, February 23, 2021.] The Swedish people want to be more involved in their treatment and they want better digital tools for this. That is the findings of a new study commissioned by healthcare company FRISQ.

A large majority of those surveyed want greater participation in their treatment, especially better information about their treatment, health condition and diagnosis.

Six out of ten Swedes who have used any of the digital health care tools available in Sweden, are satisfied with their experience. Only three percent are dissatisfied.

When asked a direct question if they would like better digital tools for their healthcare and treatment, 52 percent answer "yes" and only 22 percent "no". Above all, they want the tools to help with access to medical records and the opportunity to meet healthcare staff digitally.

Sweden is ranked number 33 out of 33 nations by the OECD when it comes to digitization of the public sector, read more here.

"Digitalization necessary to meet demand for care"

“The digitalization of health care is a key factor in meeting the upcoming challenges for Swedish healthcare, both the short-term “care debt” and the more long-term increase in the demand for care that depends on several factors,” said George Thaw, CEO of FRISQ. “We can see that other industries have succeeded in streamlining their operations and increasing productivity significantly with the help of digital tools and solutions, and the public sector can and must do the same.”

The survey measured Swedes' attitudes to health care and was conducted by FRISQ with the help of the survey company Netigate at the end of January / beginning of February. The number of respondents was just over 2,000. FRISQ develops solutions for digital care plans.

Read more about the survey here and to download images.

The same survey also shows that more than half of the respondents state that they have refrained from seeking care or been denied care during the past year, despite the fact that they have felt a need for care. A majority of Swedes say that they intend to seek care as soon as the pandemic is over, which indicates that a large "care debt" has been built up.

The survey also shows that many Swedes believe that Swedish healthcare has deteriorated in recent years, and that it has become more unequal. One third of those surveyed state that they do not receive the care they need within a reasonable time. Four out of ten Swedes believe that Swedish healthcare has deteriorated in the last ten years.

For more information please contact:
Peter Karaszi
PR and IR Manager, FRISQ
Tel: +27 83 243 57 97

FRISQ is a medtech company based in Sweden that aims to be the leading force in the digitalization of care plans. Its FRISQ Care software solution allows for the sharing of information between caregivers and patients through the same platform. FRISQ has been listed on Nasdaq First North – Stockholm since 2016 under the ticker "FRISQ".

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