General questions

Via selected pharmacies, please look at our homepage.

The product can be used up to 8 hours and is a disposable product. Please remove the product if you experience discomfort or irritation.

NOSA odor protection and NOSA filter contain TPE and menthol. The products are free from allergens and harmful substances such as PVC, phalater and latex.

All unopened packs have a shelf life of 2 years, the date is indicated on the packaging. It is recommended to use an opened pack within 2 months.

Not suitable for children under 12 years.

Nosa filter

When using NOSA filter the airborne harmful particles are blocked when breathing.

Viruses are extremely small particles and almost impossible to block, please see our chart that explains it better.

NOSA filter is designed as a one-use product and is not recommended to be used if filter media has been tampered with. A damaged or otherwise altered filter media would not have the same filter media efficiency.

You should breathe like you normally do. You will still experience an effect on your allergy symptoms even though you do not breathe exclusively through your nose.

To some extent, because of the filter media filtering out particles, but should not be used as an odor protection device.

Nosa Odor Protection

The product has a unique patented design that enables the air that you breathe in to pass in a spiral, decreasing the smell and masking it with a fresh menthol fragrance.

No, the menthol fragrance is free from allergens and does not contain any harmful substances so there is no harm in inhaling it.

NOSA odor protection is an odor protection against bad smell and cold, but it doesn’t protect against bacteria or viruses.

  1. Put NOSA in your nose and adjust until it feels comfortable
  2. Put on the face mask according to its instructions.
  3. If leakage occurs adjust face mask and make sure that it seals tight
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