The smell training program is two months, but you can continue for a longer period if you have additional smell training plugs

Each plug shall be used for ten minutes each. Do not re-use product, single use only. 

The product can be used by pregnant women. Always consult your doctor before using the product if you are sensitive to any of the product ingredients. 

Yes it does. You will still get calendar notifications, however with out sound and vibration. 

You can share your data at any time by pressing the “share my data” icon on the bottom of your statistics page.

You can always go to your statistics page and press “export” if you need to extract your data.

Go to the “Training” page and scroll to the bottom to find the link to the webpage.

Go to the settings page and press “Change password”.

The app is currently supporting English and German. More languages will be supported in the future.

You can read them here.

You can read it here.

Go to this site and fill in your request.