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Have you heard about the story behind NOSA plugs? 

It all started off with the problem of being exposed to bad odors in several working environments. Our Swedish founder, Susanna Bergstrand, asked herself how we could solve this problem for you? As she already worked within health care and were exposed to these odors herself, the ambition to create a discreet odor protection was vital in order to create a respectful situation with the patient. This resulted in the innovative product NOSA plugs, an easy-to-use nose plug that is discreet.

During the years, NOSA plugs have become very popular in branches like health care, cleaning, law enforcement, plumbing etc. As you may know, the product is also frequently used in peoples everyday life to prevent strong garbage smells and other odor related situations. Today, the NOSA HQ is based in Stockholm with a team of 10 ambitious personalities and we are continuing to improve the product. We want you to know how happy we are to be part of a product that helps you out in your everyday life! 🙂


P.S. Don’t forget to use your NOSA plugs in the summer! It will help you against all the different strong smells 🙂 

/The NOSA-team