We welcome Johan Lundström to the NOSA advisory team!

NOSA partners up with Dr. Johan Lundström as a medical advisor to the company. Johan will further expand our knowledge of the olfactory system and the perception of smell. A key learning in future product development and continuous market excellence.

Johan is an experimental neuroscientist and was awarded a doctor’s degree at Uppsala University in 2005. Dr. Lundström has held leadership positions at various research institutions such as the Karolinska Institutet, Monell Chemical Senses Center, and Stockholm University.

Dr. Lundström is one of the most experienced scientists in the field of olfactory neuroscience and leads a research group at Karolinska Institutet that focus on a better understanding of the neural and behavioural function of the olfactory system, and how it interacts with the other senses to interpret our environment in health and disease. Therefore, we are very happy to welcome Johan Lundström to the NOSA advisory team.

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Johan Lundström - NOSA

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