Respiratory diseases caused by airborne particles are one of the main causes of premature death according to the WHO[1]. At the same time, healthcare-related infections are a major problem globally, where about 10% of all hospital patients are affected.[2]

Now a series of nose products “NOSA control” is launched – an effective way to reduce viruses and bacteria in the air inhaled.

Every day we inhale hundreds of thousands of viruses and bacteria, most of which are harmless, but there are also harmful ones such as COVID-19 and MRSA. These particles usually spread and infect through the mucous membrane of the nose as well as in the upper respiratory tract and can cause serious infections and even premature death in some cases. This is something that we unfortunately have become painfully aware of since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

With the new innovative virus and bacterial protection, the number of particles entering the nose and upper respiratory tract can now be reduced as a preventive measure when inhaled. Reduced exposure of viruses and bacteria in the air is an effective way to reduce the risk of respiratory infections.

Droplet infection and airborne infection are a major problem in many professions as well as in everyday life for many, especially for people who work in a public environment or who commute to and from work.

“Now there is simple and discreet protection for all these people that is also easy to breathe through” says the company’s CEO, Adrian Liljefors.

Ever since NOSA was founded, the company’s vision has been to help people breathe better air. NOSA control is a product that has been developed for several years and is now being launched in the midst of this burning pandemic.

NOSA control is a new way to effectively fight viruses and bacteria by reducing exposure when inhaled through the nose. The innovative product is discreet, easy to use, comfortable and can be used for up to 8 hours. The product is tested against many of the most common viruses and bacteria we inhale, such as coronavirus, rhinovirus, norovirus, adenovirus as well as Staphylococcus, MRSA, e-coli and pneumococcus.

NOSA control is designed to force the inhaled air through the lamella structure of the product where viruses and bacteria stays and gets inactivated. In this way the product reduces the amount of viruses and bacteria in the inhaled air without limiting breathability.

NOSA control is now launched in three versions, one for professionals; NOSA microbial control and two consumer products; NOSA viral control and NOSA bacterial control.

“We are convinced that this is an important preventive measure in the fight against viruses such as COVID-19,” says NOSA’s CEO Adrian Liljefors.


NOSA control