NOSA odor control


NOSA odor control is a discreet and refreshing nose plug that efficiently reduces bad odor without affecting your breathing capacity.

The unique design enables the user to breathe normally through the product while at the same time reducing bad smell with a fresh menthol fragrance. The fresh scent of menthol also gives a refreshing feeling when you have a cold.

Unique design

Years of product development resulted in a patented design that:

  • Reduces bad smell
  • Is easy to breathe through
  • Is discreet and comfortable
  • Innovative lamella design
  • Fresh menthol fragrance

How does NOSA menthol plugs work?

NOSA menthol plugs is a discreet nose protection developed to block out bad odors, for a better working environment. The product has a unique patented design that enables the air that you breathe in to pass through a spiral, decreasing the smell and masking it with a fresh menthol fragrance. The product is easy to breathe through and can be used for up to 8 hours.  


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Are there any risks in inhaling menthol often? NOSA menthol plugs have undergone rigorous testing to assess its safety. Results from cytotoxicity tests revealed no evidence of toxic effects. Additionally, tests for skin irritation showed no signs of irritation. The user can be confident in the quality and safety of NOSA menthol plugs.

No, NOSA menthol plugs will not filter or block microbials. However, NOSA microbial control is developed to reduce the exposure of viruses and bacteria, by inactivating viruses and killing bacteria that get in contact with the device.

Of course, since the product is easy to breathe through, you can also wear a mask without any difficulty. However, a few users with sensitive eyes have reported some discomfort due to the menthol fragrance leaking through the upper part of the mask from the exhaled air. If this occurs, it is recommended to adjust the mask to prevent any leakage near the eyes, thereby minimizing any potential irritation.

All NOSA products are single-use products and are not recommended for reusage. The device works as intended for up to 8 hours, After finished usage, the product is recycled as plastic.

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