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NOSA smell training is a CE-marked smell training medical device and is designed to improve the sense of smell for individuals with parosmia and hyposmia.

Approximately 20% of the global population experience some form of smell impairment¹. NOSA smell training offers essential tools for smell training, enabling individuals to regain their sense of smell through association of scents.

The product is developed together with leading olfactory scientists at Karolinska Institutet and a clinical study is ongoing.

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NOSA cherry
NOSA cherry

Smell training whenever you want, wherever you are

The scented nose plug in the NOSA smell training kit makes it possible to fulfill the training session when and where you want and can be seen as a modern alternative to traditional smell training. NOSA smell training is designed to increase the rate of fulfilled training programs which we anticipate will result in more people improving their sense of smell.

Increase quality of life

The product’s purpose is to help individuals to improve their sense of smell, and therefore to increase quality of life. The training program is developed together with one of the world’s leading scientists within smell.

Short training time
Developed together with leading scientists
Passive smell training
Interactive app


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Olfactory training, also known as smell training, is an effective method for improving people’s sense of smell. By regularly exposing themselves to different scents and concentrating on identifying them, individuals can improve their ability to recognize different smells.

Smell training has become particularly popular in healthcare for people with an impaired sense of smell, such as those suffering from anosmia (complete loss of smell) or hyposmia (impaired sense of smell).

Instructions for use: Upon opening the box, familiarize yourself with the calendar displayed on the lid. Plan for four sessions per day, five days a week – two in the morning and two in the evening. Always use the devices as instructed. 

Step 1: Always begin by cleaning your hands. This ensures that you avoid any potential irritation or infection. 

Step 2: Take out the first two scents according to the calendar and carefully insert the first scented plug into your nose. Apply gently into the nostrils until the bracket meets the nasal wall. 

Step 3: Set a timer for 10 minutes. During this time, focus on the scent. Visualization can help reinforce your memory of the scent. 

Step 4: Once the first session is complete, carefully remove the device from your nose and repeat steps 1-3 above with the next scent according to the calendar. 

Step 5: Follow the same steps for the evening sessions.

Read our full instructions for use for NOSA smell training here. 

The prescribed treatment period spans 8 weeks, during which the patient is exposed to four distinct scents daily for a cumulative duration of 40 minutes. This exposure is split into four 10-minute sessions, two in the morning and two in the evening. Each session presents one of the different scents, each lasting for a period of 10 minutes.

The kit comes with 10 boxes with 10 different scents, each containing 16 noseplugs of the scents; Lemon, Strawberry, Orangea, Vanilla, Melon, Rosemary, Lavender,  Menthol, Cherry and Cola. Fruity and spicy fragrances are to be recommended for a smell training program, and the nose plugs lets the patient breathe easily through the product. The patient can simply train while breathing wherever they want, whenever they want.

Yes, you will be able to purchase additional scents from our webshop that you can switch to any existing scent-box in your “NOSA smell training set”. New scents will be released continuously, so stay tuned on our website!

The sense of smell plays a crucial role in our ability to experience and enjoy different smells and tastes. Smell training has been shown to be effective in stimulating the olfactory receptors and promoting the recovery of lost olfactory ability.¹

There are several reasons why you should consider training your sense of smell;

    • Exercising the sense of smell improves the experience of food and drink by enhancing flavors.
    • It can help to increase awareness of your surroundings and experience different scents in a deeper way.
    • Losing your sense of smell could also be dangerous, since it helps us to recognize hazardous situations. For example, sensing the smell of fire or gas, or sensing bad food. 

A reduced sense of smell has also shown to affect well-being, by causing depression and a negative impact on social relations, appetite and lust.¹

About half of all people who get covid-19 experience a short or long-term loss of smell. One year after recovery, 10 percent state that they still have problems – but if you actually measure the sense of smell, it turns out to be 20 percent that still have a reduced sense of smell.²

Several studies have shown that a large number of patients have not recovered their full sense of smell after covid. A study in the US showed that around 25% were still affected by a reduced, or altered, sense of smell after recovery.³

There are more possible reasons for losing your sense of smell except for a covid infection. 

Hormonal imbalances can affect the sense of smell because hormones play an important role in regulating our sensory system. When the hormones are out of balance, it can affect the mucous membranes in the nose and thereby impair the sense of smell. Some neurological diseases, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, can also affect the parts of the brain responsible for the sense of smell, which can result in loss of smell.

Anyone that wishes to increase their sense of smell, or that suffers from hyposmia, anosmia or parosmia. The product is recommended from 12 years of age.

NOSA has developed an app that will help you keep track of your training by:

Scheduling and Reminders: Provide users with a structured calendar to organize their smell training sessions and offer reminders, fostering a consistent routine.

Visualization: Utilize images to bolster the user’s experience and engagement during the training sessions.

Feedback: Allow users to document subjective feedback on their sense of smell, quality of life, and progress over time for personal reflection and self-awareness.

This application is intended for well-being and lifestyle purposes only. Users should not replace or substitute professional medical advice or treatment with the insights gathered by the use of this app.

The primary objective of NOSA smell training app is to promote well-being and personal awareness of one’s olfactory senses. It is not designed, nor should it be used, for the diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment, or alleviation of any medical condition or disease. In alignment with MDR EU 2017/745.

Explore the app here.

¹Harvard Health Publishing, Smell disorders: When your sense of smell goes astray, 2021
²Janusinfo, Luktträning hjälper covid-patienter, 2021
³Mass eye and ear, Millions of patients do not have full recovery of smell or taste senses after covid, 2023

  1. Sandy.P

    I have been testing this product for 12 days now and I already can smell more fragrences than I have in years, absolutely amazing!

  2. Robert

    such a fun and innovative solution to train to get your sense of smell back, feel improvement already!

  3. Johan

    Works perfect with the app.

  4. Jacob

    was a bit hesitant to try mostly because of the price but the ce-marking and the 10 different scents ultimately made me want to give it a go. after the first two weeks i was disappointed since i did not feel a different and while the app is nice as a reminder it needs some work. but since i had already spent the money i kept going and i am glad that i did. its week 5 now and i can tell that it is working. i can smell and also taste a lot more again and while it is not back to my pre covid infection levels yet i am hopeful that it will be when i finish the training.

  5. Tim

    I have completed my training now, and I must say that this product is amazing. Work exactly as expected, I can now feel scents I haven’t felt in years.

  6. R.M

    I suddenly feel excited about smell training, something I’ve been putting off for a long time because I haven’t been able to sit and smell spices every day. Thank you nosa for coming up with this fun solution!

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