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We did a quick Q&A with our Dutch NOSA-ambassador Almaz. She works as a Law Enforcement Officer in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She is exposed to a lot of different smells during her professional tasks. Apart from this, she also likes traveling and hanging out with friends and family. We are so happy to have her in our NOSA-team, as she is a huge inspiration to everyone working within Law Enforcement. Get to know her better with this Q&A!

1. What is the worst smell possible that you can imagine? 

Hm.. I think that the worst smell possible has to be death really, a dead or rotten body.

2. Tell me about your worst smelly situation? 

I think it has to be urine because it can be a very strong in the smell. Especially if there is someone that is homeless and the clothes haven’t been washed for a long time.. I really believe that this is the most smelly situation I have come across in my work!

3. If you could choose between a vacation in NY or on BALI? What would you choose?

Definitely NY, I am such an American-fan. I love the beach as well, but when it comes to the US I will choose it every single time.

4. So what do you think about NOSA plugs? 

I think that NOSA plugs is amazing, it helps me doing my job and my colleagues as well. I can do the job with all the comfort where we can focus on what we have to do, instead of being confused and distracted by the smell. It helps a lot!

5. Then we come to the last question, what would you prefer; a room full of smelly skunks or a room full of rattlesnakes? 

No no no rattlesnakes for me I’m so terrified of them, give me all the skunks in the world.. Because I have NOSA plugs now, as long I have them I will survive the skunks!