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Your trust is important to us.

NOSA is committed to providing you control over your data. We understand the importance of data protection and therefore offer a transparent process for account deletion. There are 3 different options to delete your data; 

  1. Profile Tab Option (in the app): Under your profile tab, there is a feature that allows you to send a deletion request. Once activated, this will notify our support team about your desire to remove your account.

2. Fill in the form below: with your username, email address and what data you would like to delete or all) and click send. This will be sent to our gdpr department, which will handel your request.  

3. Direct Email Request: If you prefer, you can also email our support team directly at with the subject line “Account Deletion Request”. In your email, please provide your registered username, email address as well as phone number to expedite the process.

Data Deletion Specifics:
Use these specifics below in the email or form. 

Data Kept: All data related to answering questions within the app will be retained. This data is anonymous and cannot be used to identify an individual.

Data Deleted: Any data that can be traced back to an individual, such as personal information, account details, and preferences, will be deleted from our database.

Data deletion and Retention at NOSA:

At NOSA, we manage the data we control with efficiency and responsibility. When the specified retention period expires, we actively ensure the destruction of the relevant data. If you believe there is a valid business reason for certain data to remain intact, please communicate this to our data protection officer. All exceptions to our policy undergo a stringent review by NOSAs data protection offer, in collaboration with our legal counsel. Additionally, certain circumstances, such as litigation holds, may prohibit the destruction of specific data. These holds remain in effect until our legal counsel deems it appropriate to release.

By following the process, you can have peace of mind that your data is in safe hands and can be deleted upon request. Your privacy is our topmost priority. If you have further questions or need clarification, feel free to contact us anytime.

Data deletion form

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