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Swedish food culture?

Did you know that August is the month for the annual tradition of eating surströmming? It’s a salted fermented herring with a disgusting smell that no one can seem to avoid. Last week the NOSA-team got a visit from our Dutch NOSA-ambassador Almaz and she was eager to try out the Swedish cuisine. Surströmming has been around in Sweden since the 16th century, which makes it kind of traditional for the country. How do you think it went for her? Have a look below for the result.


Almaz was very frightened for what’s about to happen (tasting and smelling the surströmming). 


Surprise! NOSA plugs helped Almaz reducing the bad smell from the fermented herring. She could now eat the fish, that actually tastes great!


Sofia from the NOSA-team was very happy to get a visit from our dear Dutch ambassador! 


I hope you find this information interesting? 🙂 Because now you know that you can bring your NOSA plugs if you are interested in trying it out or if you already like the fish but hate the smell. For those who want to, you can now eat how many surströmmings as you like and not feel the bad smell 🙂 Isn’t that great?

Until next time!

/The NOSA-team <3