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Welcome to the NOSA blog. 

We are so happy to announce that we finally have a blog! Now we can communicate with you directly, our dear NOSA-users and also future users of NOSA.

You will learn about upcoming events, happenings and information about NOSA. In addition, you will be able to follow NOSA’s development and new innovations!

We are always interested in receiving feedback and we think that this will be a great platform to interact with you. Since you are the experts on using NOSA plugs, you are the ones that know how to develop the current product of ours but also ideas on future innovations 🙂

Even if many people are exposed to bad odors and smells on a daily basis, this is nothing that is usually discussed. We know that many of you are affected by bad odors and that it is extra hard for you to get away from this if you work in a smelly environment. That is why we are launching this blog! We want to inform you about the relevance of bad smells and how it affect us, where we would like to hear your side of the story as NOSA’s vision is to create a better breathing experience for everyone.

NOSA plugs image next to a pickpocket.NOSA plugs and coffee

Again, a warm welcome to this new platform of ours – Happy Thursday everyone!

P.S Keep an eye open for our next blog post and don’t forget to comment below! 🙂 

/The NOSA-team