• FRISQ extends the exclusive period for Cambio to make a final offer regarding FRISQ Holding’s operative business

    As previously announced, the Board of FRISQ Holding AB ("FRISQ") has decided to initiate a formal, exclusive process with the objective to divest its operative business to Cambio Healthcare Systems AB ("Cambio"). The discussions held between the parties have been positive and both parties intend to complete the transaction as soon as possible. Certain technical …

  • Capio Elderly and Mobile Care signs new commercial agreements with FRISQ

    After a broad introduction of FRISQ Care in 31 units within Capio Elderly and Mobile Care, they now sign new agreements with FRISQ. The agreements concern an introduction of FRISQ Care in new units as well as an expanded implementation and support assignment. The agreements run for 4 years, and the order value is approximately …

  • Additional information regarding FRISQ Holding’s directed new issue of shares

    FRISQ Holding AB has, as previously been communicated, carried out a directed new issue of 18,150,000 shares at the price of one (1) SEK per share. The share issue was to 80% subscribed by existing shareholders with Nordica Life Insurance for its customers (8 MSEK) and Nordic Cross Asset Management AB (1.5 MSEK) as largest …

  • FRISQ Holding AB intends to decide on a new share issue to secure the company’s financial position

    As the board of FRISQ Holding AB (hereinafter "Frisq" or "the Company") did not receive a signed and binding share purchase agreement from Tempest SPV Ltd on Monday, the board intends to decide on a new share issue with the authorization given at the Extraordinary General Meeting. The purpose of the new share issue is …

  • Update regarding the divestment of FRISQ Holding AB’s subsidiaries

    At the Extraordinary General Meeting on February 22nd 2022, the shareholders present voted in favor of a sale of FRISQ Holding's subsidiaries to Tempest SPV Ltd, subject to the conditions that the purchase price was not changed (SEK 106.4 million), the share purchase agreement took place on market terms and that signing would take place …

  • FRISQ Holding is pushing forward the year-end report

    In view of the decision taken at the Extraordinary General Meeting on 22 February 2022, the Board of Directors of FRISQ Holding AB has decided to postpone the year-end report for 2021 to be able to complete a possible sale of the subsidiaries. New date for the report is Wednesday, March 2 at 08.00 CET, 2022. …

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