• Tomas Deierborg

    Prof. Tomas Deierborg joins the NOSA advisory board

    Professor Tomas Deierborg becomes the newest addition to NOSA as senior scientific advisor. Mr Deierborg is Head of Department at Department of Experimental Medical Science and Research team manager at Neuroinflammation at Lund University. Tomas is a professor and neuroscientist with a vast experience in clinical research experience and has worked closely with several leading …

  • What scents to use for smell training?

    If you have ever come across the concept of smell training, you most likely have noticed the recommendation of smelling fruity and spicy scents, especially 4 essential oils that are the most commonly recommended: fruity, spicy, floral, and eucalyptus. Below is a brief overview of how these specific scents were originally chosen and why they …

  • Benefits of doing Smell Training for Better Well-Being

    Our different senses play a big role in our daily lives. It influences how we eat, how we understand our surroundings, and even how we feel emotionally. Unfortunately, conditions like hyposmia, where the sense of smell is reduced, can impact our quality of life in many different ways. But there’s a simple and effective solution …

  • How does NOSA smell training work?

    NOSA smell training is a medical device intended for training of the olfactory system, by association of scents. The smell training with the NOSA device restores or improves olfactory dysfunction; hyposmia, anosmia, and parosmia. Indication for use: NOSA smell training is a smell-training medical device. The training program was developed in collaboration with one of …

  • Loss of Smell: Understanding Smell Disorders & Treatments

    The sense of smell is the ability to sense smells or odors. It is one of the five senses and enables people to perceive and interpret chemical signals in the environment through the nose. The ability to smell is one of the most underrated senses and research has shown that an impaired sense of smell …

  • NOSA smell training, now on the market

    Today NOSA is launching a new product, NOSA smell training; a CE-marked smell training medical device that is designed to improve the sense of smell for individuals with parosmia and hyposmia. Approximately 20% of the global population experience some form of smell impairment¹. NOSA smell training offers essential tools for smell training, enabling individuals to …

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