• FRISQ’s Interim Report Q3, 2022

    CEO StatementAfter an extensive evaluation of the best options to secure FRISQs long-term economic stability and a broader introduction of individualized, interactive care plans that create value for both patients and healthcare staff in Sweden, the board of FRISQ Holding AB has accepted an offer to divest the operational business (in practice the subsidiary FRISQ …

  • FRISQ’s Interim Report Q3, 2021

    CEO StatementDuring the quarter, we have reached a milestone in the collaboration with Capio Elderly and Mobile Care. The five-year agreement is being implemented across Capio’s clinics and start-up meetings have successfully been held with employees from Capio Geriatrics. FRISQ Care has been positively received and the software is said to make it easy to …

  • Interim Report Q3, 2020

    CEO StatementAs we’re closing a busy quarter for FRISQ I’m proud to say we’ve carried out a fully subscribed, directed share issue of 78.75 million SEK. This capital infusion will strengthen our sales and implementation efforts in 2021. While we work hard to develop a product that drives both better health outcomes and patient engagement, …

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