FRISQ expands its collaboration with Capio through a new agreement with Capio Orthopedics

After a 12-month pilot project, Capio Orthopedics now signs a three-year agreement with FRISQ. The purpose of the agreement is to introduce the digital process support FRISQ Care in all Capio Orthopedics units in accordance with the offered licensing and implementation costs.

Capio, one of Europe's leading healthcare companies, has for 12 months used and evaluated the digital process support FRISQ Care at one of its biggest orthopedic units, Capio Arto Clinic. Capio Orthopedics is now signing an agreement that gives them the right to implement FRISQ Care as a standard service in all their clinics in accordance with the agreed license and implementation cost per unit. This is done after experiencing that with FRISQ Care, a good example has been created for how orthopedics can be conducted in a good and efficient way based on quality-focused methods.
“For us, it is crucial to work with modern, digital solutions so that we can continue to deliver world-class orthopedics. With FRISQ Care, we experience better resource utilization and improved collaboration based on quality-assured processes. In addition, a completely new way of involving the patient is made possible and many activities that previously required care staff can now easily be performed by the patient”, says Tobias Wirén, business area manager at Capio.
During the pilot project, FRISQ Care has been tested and evaluated by several users among the care staff and by hundreds of patients. According to the evaluations that have been made, the digital support has contributed to increased patient satisfaction as well as a reduced number of canceled operations.
“The renewed agreement with Capio Orthopedics is one of the best endorsements we can get because it shows that our solution really has delivered value and met the needs Capio has to be able to continue to offer the best possible care to as many patients as possible. We are extremely pleased that Capio now wants to implement FRISQ Care in more units as it means another step towards our vision to create better care experiences and outcomes for everyone; patients, caregivers and society at large”, says George Thaw, CEO of FRISQ.
The new agreement enters into force in January 2022 and runs for three years. The order value is between SEK 0.54 million and approximately SEK 4.7 million, depending on how many clinics that choose to join.

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