Monthly newsletter February 2021

In an industry still overwhelmed by the pandemic and struggling to save lives and health, we at FRISQ are fully occupied scaling and developing the product together with our pilot clients. We stay focused on enabling a more rationally organized, patient-oriented process that is applicable to the entire healthcare sector.

Let me share some of the progress made the past month:

The pilot project with Capio Orthopedic has got off to a great start. The first review, only three weeks after the project went live, already shows exactly such concrete efficiency gains as the customer and we strive for, including preventing cancelled surgeries, as well as positive feedback from involved patients and care professionals.

Yet another testament of our innovative leadership is the appointment of FRISQ as Digital Expertise Partner to Gravitate-Health, a public-private partnership funded by an EU-backed initiative and led by the University of Oslo in collaboration with Pfizer. In February, it was also settled that we will receive grants to cover our time-limited contribution in a project that will add valuable experience and an expanded network to our journey.

Product-wise, and possibly the most exciting news in the last month, is the launch of a module that admits automatic information transfers to the national quality registers, with potential to save a very widespread administrative task for health care clients.

As to marketing and sales, we have strengthened our message towards prospective clients, patients and the public, through a new frame story that will ensure that our mission is rightly perceived. FRISQ is an ethical investment with a potential to achieve better health outcomes by turning medical journals into bridges between care teams, doctors and patients, all based on best practice, modern digital habits and motivational nudging.

A further support to our marketing and sales story is a survey that shows that Swedes believe that the healthcare has deteriorated in recent years, that it is not sufficiently available and also unequal, adding pressing issues to the decision makers on the future of healthcare. The same survey shows that there is a strong demand for better digital tools for the interaction with healthcare.

It is also exciting to be part of curious and forward-thinking meetings with potential pilot clients within my home country, the UK. Again, short-term management of the consequences of the pandemic obviously and rightly occupy the focus of many decision-makers right now, but at the same time there is a determination to take advantage of the possibilities of digitalisation as soon as possible. Our vision of better and fairer care results through new care process solutions is shared by potential clients!

Finally, I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy the coming of spring. Until next time, take care!

George Thaw,

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