• FRISQ’s Interim Report Q2, 2022

    CEO StatementDuring the quarter, Sweden approached the healthcare crisis we’re now in, and the summer months have been extremely challenging in many parts of the country. The health care situation means that the need for solutions that can help relieve the system without lowering the quality of care is both great and clear. We know …

  • FRISQ’s Interim Report Q2, 2021

    CEO StatementFRISQ’s Capital Markets Day in May was a great opportunity to present where we are and where we are moving to. We could then, and can now, report that higher recurring revenues have had a positive effect on cash flow, along with a cost control that has shifted funds from administration to development and …

  • Interim Report Q1, 2020

    CEO statementIt is a privilege for me today to present my first quarter and FRISQ’s second quarterly results for 2020. The ongoing pandemic has presented great challenges for a healthcare sector that, by necessity, has been forced to prioritize emergency care – repeatedly straining old-fashioned tools and methods to, and beyond, the limit – over improvements …

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