Business update from FRISQ

FRISQ Holding AB has, as previously communicated, carried out a directed share issue of 18,150,000 shares at the issue price of one (1) SEK per share. This new share issue will be followed up by a rights issue to all shareholders of a maximum of 13.8 million shares at the same issue price. The details of this rights issue will be published next week.
With the added capital, FRISQ intends to accelerate the company's positive commercial development with focus on the Swedish market. After almost two years of the pandemic that has hit healthcare hard in terms of resources, we see that both public and private healthcare are once again interested in investing in digital tools to improve the patient experience and streamline care delivery. This is especially true for those patients who need continuous care, such as the chronically ill, or where there is a need for digital care communication with the patient.  An example of the latter may be communication between care and patient before and after an operation. The regulatory move towards changing reimbursement systems where caregivers will be reimbursed for longer care interventions, so-called care episodes, rather than for isolated care activities, accelerates this development further.
FRISQ is continuously expanding its cooperation with a growing number of private healthcare providers and more businesses within these healthcare companies. A good example is Capio, where FRISQ currently is used both within elderly care and orthopedics, which is appreciated by both healthcare professionals and patients. Yesterday, the use of FRISQ Care was started up in the last of Capio's departments for geriatrics and inpatient rehab, which means that the solution is now used in 17 units in 7 different operational areas.  Another good example is the collaboration with Aleris to improve maternity care and strengthen collaboration between prospective parents, the midwife clinic and the delivery unit by introducing digitized care plans via FRISQ.
On the public healthcare side, the demand for our solutions has also picked up. For example, after long pilot project, FRISQ has been approved for delivery as a supplier within the Västra Götalandsregionen (VGR), which enables a roll-out of our system in the region. We also see great opportunities to reach out widely to public healthcare in the country's regions through collaborations and integration with partners, such as suppliers of medical record systems.  
FRISQ has also made great progress in making the FRISQ Care product more user-friendly and scalable in the last six months. Among other things, we have improved the patient experience for both mobile phone and computer use.  Another area where the product has been developed is how data from FRISQ can be used for both analyses aimed at improving the healthcare provider's operations and broader research aimed at better understanding how patient outcomes are affected by different activities in healthcare delivery.
We are looking forward to an exciting 2022 with a rising demand for the solutions that FRISQ offers.
George Thaw, CEO at FRISQ

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