Monthly newsletter: November 2020

The month of November brought with it several positive changes. FRISQ expanded its cooperation with Capio, signing an agreement with Capio Orthopedic, and started investing in the UK to meet the demands of this very significant market.

FRISQ is seeing an emerging interest from both private and public health services in the United Kingdom. Local FRISQ representatives have been appointed to initiate conversations in the market and support the ongoing work of George Thaw, FRISQ’s interim CEO who shares his time between Stockholm and London. The aim is to establish a UK subsidiary to leverage the commercial opportunity.

“FRISQ has tremendous potential to grow and revolutionise the healthcare industry not only in Sweden but around the world. I’m proud we’re making progress in my home country, where I think FRISQ’s services are greatly needed to provide healthcare professionals with better tools and insights while saving taxpayers’ money,” says George Thaw. 

Deepened collaboration with Capio 
FRISQ has successfully collaborated with Capio Elderly and Mobile Care over the past year and launched in Capio Geriatrics Sollentuna last month. Next in line is Capio Orthopedic, who signed an agreement with FRISQ during the month of November. 

Capio is, as part of Ramsay Santé, one of Europe's leading healthcare providers with a total turnover of EUR 3.8 billion and approximately 36,000 employees. The agreement refers to a six-month pilot project with Capio Artro Clinic, a highly specialized orthopedic clinic with 160 care professionals who treat and operate knees, shoulders, hips, elbows and ankles as well as sports-related injuries. 

“We’re proud that Capio now chooses to add another business area to our collaboration, based on the value FRISQ adds for patients and staff. Digital care process support makes it easier for patients to get involved in their care, improves teamwork and quality-assured work processes, which in turn leads to better health outcomes and more efficient use of resources,” says George Thaw. 

“Continuous improvement and digitalisation are crucial for us to be able to continue to offer world-class orthopedics. Modern care requires modern tools, and digital care process support is an important one. We’re convinced that we’ll implement this type of support in all our operations in the future,” says Tobias Wirén, Business Area Manager at Capio.

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