Operational update from FRISQ

During Q2, the development team has continued the effort to significantly improve the performance and scalability of the core FRISQ platform. The success of this can be seen from the recently announced deal with Capio Elderly and Mobile Care, the increased interest with a Pharmaceutical focused offering and initial traction in the UK (see below).

From a functionality point of view, the platform now makes it possible for patient reported data to be used, subject to explicit approval, in a clinical setting. The handling of data, has been significantly improved for advanced analysis, in particular from a time perspective. Finally, the platform has been extended with a service to allow third parties (external registries) access to relevant analytical data collected as part of the treatment processes. This is very significant in providing meaningful insight for clinicians, medical staff and researchers.

As mentioned at our Capital Markets Day the 20th of May we have been developing our business in the UK, a significant market not just in its own right but globally. We are actively engaging with a number of the newly formed Integrated Clinical Systems (ICS). These ICSs typically are units of 1M+ patients with significant budgets in excess of £1b. We are working with a number of NHS luminaries to develop the FRISQ brand in this primary care aspect of the NHS, including Sir David Haslam who talked at our event. Similarly, we have a number of potential NHS national programmes in COPD, Mental Health and Long Covid that we are currently working with at senior levels. In order to deliver this we have spent substantial time in building the FRISQ team footprint with additional Go to Market, project engagement and channel facing talent.

Finally, the Swedish market continues to show great promise as we’ve shown with recent commercial traction that has created increased interest from both public and private sectors alike. The new approach to procurement within the Stockholm region has been clarified. Based on the work we’ve done previously we feel well placed to work directly and in partnerships with the upcoming procurements as they emerge.

George Thaw, CEO FRISQ

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