• What scents to use for smell training?

    If you have ever come across the concept of smell training, you most likely have noticed the recommendation of smelling fruity and spicy scents, especially 4 essential oils that are the most commonly recommended: fruity, spicy, floral, and eucalyptus. Below is a brief overview of how these specific scents were originally chosen and why they …


    Researchers have found that there are two types of cells inside the nose that are the likely entry point for the COVID-19 virus. These cells work as “viral entry receptors” and are highly accessible to the coronavirus because of the location in the nose. (Sungnak et al. 2020) This developed the idea of a nasal …

  • Pollen

    High pollen levels increases Covid-19 cases

    A new study shows that high levels of pollen correlate with the number of Covid-19 cases. The more pollen in the air, the more people get sick. This is due to the pollen’s ability to weaken the immune system by impairing the secretion of interferons on the mucous membrane, which works as the body’s first …

  • High pollen levels can affect non allergists

    Are you feeling tired, having itchy eyes or a runny nose for the first time during pollen season? This does not have to mean you’re allergic. Even if you don’t have birch allergies, you could be feeling the high pollen levels! Scientist states that every second year there is very high levels of pollen, and …

  • Air pollution intensifies the pandemic

    As smog season in Asia begins, the second wave of Covid-19 and the bad air quality could make the situation worse. Breathing polluted air can have a dramatic effect on the immune system and the respiratory tract. Harmful airborne particles also known as PM 2.5 penetrate into the body and affect the epithelial cells in …

  • October = It’s Cold Outside

    Are you sick right now…? Many of us are having a cold at this time of the year. What better way than to use NOSA plugs to improve your breathing experience? As you know, NOSA plugs contains a menthol scent that can help you when you are inhaling and exhaling while being sick. Scientists have …

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