• Dementia

    New research shows that an impaired sense of smell is often the first sign of dementia

    “The sense of smell is highly underestimated”   In a recently published article in the Swedish newspaper Svenska dagbladet, Dr. Jonas Olofsson; olfactory scientist and professor in psychology at Stockholm University, was interviewed on his latest research on the link between the loss of smell and early dementia. According to Dr. Olofsson, our sense of …

  • The important role of the nose in viral emission

    Unveiling How the SARS-CoV-2 Virus Spreads from Noses to the Air and Surfaces   In our world today, where viruses are a major concern, understanding how they spread is of utmost importance. One significant way viruses spread is through the air we breathe. We have summarized a recent study on the subject, showing that viral …

  • Nose picking and covid-19

    Why you shouldn’t pick your nose

    Nose picking is associated with an increased risk of contracting a SARS-CoV-2 Nose picking is associated with an increased risk of contracting a SARS-CoV-2 A cohort study of hospital healthcare workers investigated whether certain behavioral and physical features could be associated with an increased infection risk of SARS-CoV-2. The different features included in the study …


    Researchers have found that there are two types of cells inside the nose that are the likely entry point for the COVID-19 virus. These cells work as “viral entry receptors” and are highly accessible to the coronavirus because of the location in the nose. (Sungnak et al. 2020) This developed the idea of a nasal …

  • Cross-allergies are common with birch allergies

    Did you know that half of all the people allergic to birch pollen have cross-allergies? Cross-allergies are common with birch allergies, in fact, birch has shown to be the pollen who is most common to create them. You can recognize the cross-allergies with symptoms like itchy throat and mouth when eating fruits and nuts. Do …

  • NEW NOSA allergy filter

    NOSA allergy filter, a new natural protection for all pollen allergy sufferers. Every day people inhale harmful airborne particles that affects their general condition negatively. People who are allergic often suffers quietly during the year in lack of effective protection. NOSA allergy filter is a new, innovative solution to these problems without any side effects. …

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